Keep Alaska wild and free of invasive species

We need your help to prevent the introduction and stop the spread of invasive species on the Kenai Peninsula!

Your Observations Make a Difference

Land Owners

Get help to manage, control, and eradicate invasive weeds. Learn about alternative ornamental plants.

Northern Pike

Boaters and Pilots

Help control invasive aquatic species by carefully cleaning, draining, and drying your watercraft and floatplanes.

Trail Users

While hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting, you can help detect invasive species on public lands and waters.

Bulldozer tread

Field Workers

If you work outside, you can help stop the spread of invasive species by properly cleaning equipment.


Twenty Years of Partnership

Twenty Years of Partnership

The Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (KP-CISMA) celebrates 20 years of collaborative invasive species prevention and management across the 6-million-acre Kenai Peninsula! What started in 2003 as Cooperative Weed Management Area, with...

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How to Report

Call 1-877-INVASIV

Call 1-877-468-2748 to report animals, fish, plants, and insects

Use the ADF&G Online Reporter

For fish, wildlife, birds, insects, and plants


Use Cooperative Extension's Online Pest Reporter

For plants, insects, and diseases


Useful Tools

Certified Weed Free Logo

Learn to identify and report the most harmful invasive species using the Alaska Invasives ID app.

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Certified Weed Free Logo

Use Certified Weed-Free gravel, hay, and native seed mix. Buy Alaska Grown products.

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Certified Weed Free Logo

Stop the spread! Clean your boats, ATVs, boots, and gear. 

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What Is a CISMA?

CISMA stands for “cooperative invasive species management area.” It’s a broad-scale approach to managing invasive species across the landscape, waterbodies, and high-risk pathways (e.g., roads and trails) of a large geographic area.

Kenai Peninsula CISMA

Invasive plants and animals don’t recognize human boundaries like public and private lands. They hitch a ride wherever people travel.

The KP-CISMA, coordinated by the Homer Soil & Water Conservation District, is a volunteer partnership dedicated to preventing and managing invasive species across the Kenai Peninsula.

Our geographic area includes the six-million-acre Kenai Peninsula, the 10-mile Kenai Isthmus at Portage, Turnagain Arm, and communities across Kachemak Bay: Seldovia, Port Graham, and Nanwalek.




AK DOT&PF Highways and Roads


Kenai National Wildlife Refuge


Chugach National Forest


Kenai Fjords National Park


Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District


Homer Soil and Water Conservation District