Don’t dump Your aquarium

Plants, animals & fish – anything in your aquarium – can have devastating impacts to Alaska’s lakes and streams. Never dump your fresh or salt water aquarium in the natural environment or flush them down the toilet.

Elodea, commonly sold with fish tanks and Alaska’s first aquatic invasive plant, has already altered salmon habitat and interferred with recreational activities in Alaskan waters, leading to a statewide ban of the plant. Should Elodea become established across Alaska, it could cost the commercial sockeye salmon fishing industry $159 million a year in damages.

Aquarium plants and pets are likely not native to Alaska, they can introduce diseases or become predators in our waterways, and could devestate our salmon populations.

Be a Vector!

A vector is anything that can carry an invasive species from one place to another.

It’s the dirt on the tires of your four-wheeler and the water or the algae in the jets of your outboard. It can even be the dandelion fluff on the hairs of your dog. Be careful and alert. Stop the spread of invaders on the Kenai Peninsula.