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Bird Vetch

Vicia cracca
Photo by Caleb Simmons

Why is it a problem?

  • Seeds viable in soil for 5 years
  • 3-foot long taproots and reproduces by underground rhizomes (lateral roots)
  • Seeds & roots stick to equipment and spread via contaminated topsoil
  • Aggressively climbs fences, structures and trees
  • “Strangles” native alder, willow, and herbaceous plants, outcompeting them for sunlight and water
  • Found on roadsides, trails, and hay fields
  • Alters pollinator visitation to native species

How do I manage this plant?

  • Avoid importing topsoil / ask topsoil providers about invasive plant contamination
  • Clean equipment before moving it out of a known contaminated site
  • Mow and hand pull before seeds mature—multiple

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