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Common Tansy

Tanacetum vulgare

Why is it a problem?

  • Spreads by lateral roots and seeds (up to 50,000 per plant), transported by water, animals, humans
  • Can restrict stream flow when growing along waterways
  • Somewhat toxic to grazing animals
  • Garden escapee; also grows in areas with natural or man-made disturbances, such as roadsides, waterways, and beach meadows, forest understories
  • Displaces native plants and associated with several plant viruses
  • Can cause dermatitis of the skin when touched

How do I manage this plant?

  • Clean boots and equipment before leaving a contaminated site
  • Maintain desirable plants as groundcover, as Tansy does not germinate in vegetated areas or where there is a leaf litter layer
  • Small clumps can be pulled or dug, taking care to remove rhizome fragments (wear gloves)
  • Mowing several times a year prior to seed set can contain a population
  • Herbicides are most effective when applied in spring


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